About us?


Dualmind S.L. was founded in Barcelona in 2000 by Joan and Javier with the intention of offering computer services to small and medium enterprises.

We like ancient Eastern philosophy. We always seek balance, not to be too small, not to grow too much and lose the personal treatment that our clients are so grateful for.

Our goal is not the economic account of results, we care about the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of work and life of our team.

We usually work without subcontracts (only for large projects we ask for help from other partner companies), having the right size we are agile, flexible and proactive, we bet on putting our bit of sand, in the optimization and improvements technologies and usability, that will certainly directly or indirectly help our customers growth.

We are concerned about the planet, we use led lighting in our offices, we have contracted green energy, we select data centers where to locate our servers that also bet on renewable energies. We use energy-efficient vehicles in our travels. Recently and taking advantage of the teleworking boom, we have moved our work center from the center of Barcelona to a town where we have been able to get a better quality life and optimize costs.

In short, our daily day is the daily support to small businesses and the services of «outsourcing & remote hands» for large companies.

Contact us on +34 93 298 89 97 to find out more about us.

With Dualmind, You’re in good hands