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IT Services

We manage your computing so you can get the most efficiency, reliability, and focus on your business.

Digital Protection

Personalized security systems protect your business from emerging threats and give you peace of mind.


Host your websites and essential applications in top-level international data centres to create a fast and efficient infrastructure.


We offer you customized solutions for better data protection in local computers, virtual environments, mobile and in the cloud.

Consulting services and solutions designed to improve and optimize
day-to-day operational tasks, reduce risks and improve control of your data

IT Services

We streamline your business through our business design of Managed IT Services business, it allows us to build and manage IT solutions to guarantee our clients the most critical business services. In a world where everything is connected and moving at high speed, DualMind provides flexible support and adaptation to new services in the cloud, simplification in client desktop management and construction of secure and reliable networks. Whatever your challenges, our experienced team of professional services is ready to advise, plan and deploy physical or virtual infrastructures when you need them.

Webs / E-commerce

We carry out maintenance of WordPress, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and much more …

Keep your website or online store always safe, in DualMind we take care of hosting and maintaining your website always active.

Always with a backup so that our customers are reassured that they will not lose their website under any circumstances.

Our team of experts will help you in any modification or installation of plugin you want to perform, we also help you position your website through our SEO experts.



The stability and quality of the server that hosts your page or online store is vital for the growth and stability of your business. We host our clients’ websites in one of the best data centres in the United Kingdom with excellent connectivity and security. We also manage your domains in a high speed and security environment. And also offer CDN services to streamline your international business.

Digital Protection

Protect your company and image in front of your customers by securing information. The image is everything. The image that a company determines how the public interacts with them. One of the main factors that affect the public perception of your company, which is often overlooked, is its security and stability. In order to protect the brand of the company, it is important to have a complete and effective computer security system. The best way to do it is with DualMind. We implement a variety of solutions to prevent malicious attacks and data theft and maintain organizations in compliance with all legal rules and regulations. We make sure that our customers’ IT security meets the highest standards to improve trust and protect your brand.


The backup of information is probably one of the most important tasks that must be carried out periodically in any organization. After all, it is the guarantor of the continuity of the activity after an incident with data loss or an IT disaster.


DualMind offers you peace of mind knowing that the data and digital files on your computers, laptops, servers and databases from different platforms, will be protected and that, in the event of any unforeseen event, they will be able to recover, minimizing the impact on the operation of your business.